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Howdy ya'll.  My name is Dusty. My Pa and Ma headed west across the country with my younger brothers and me in a covered wagon lookin' to settle down in the "new land".  When they came to Texas they settled there becuz they figgered a state that big would never fill up.  My dad didn't like livin' too close to his neighbors.  He got tired of the neighbors complainin' 'bout his still.  You'd think folks would like to have a local moonshine supplier, wouldn't you?

Texas was big but our house wuz small and things wuz crowded so I left home at the age of fifteen.  After the war I heard that my Pa and Ma had died when their still blew up.

I wuz just driftin'  from town to town, occasionally runnin' into my brothers cuz they was driftin', too.   I wuz able to turn some coin working at different jobs.  I been a ranch-hand, a blacksmith, a bounty hunter, and store clerk.  I eventually became a Peace Officer.

A young lady, the daughter of an old miner named Dinky, caught my eye and stole my heart. Missyanne wuz her name.  We took off fer California.  We heard there wuz plenty of gold in every river there.  Lookin' back, I feel kind of foolish believin' that tall tale.  I wasted a lot of time pannin' fer gold in the Santa Ana River.

I ended up working on the roads in the rapidly growing city of Riverside.

Dusty's real name is Jay Eastin.  He is married to Milissa Eastin. They have four children and three grandchildren. Jay works for the Department of Transportation.

He loves football, both Fantasy Football and just regular hit-em-hard style football.  He is a devoted husband and dedicated father and grandfather.

Affiliations: NRA


There's more pitchurs of me and my beau, Missyanne, here.
November 2013 Calico November 2013 Calico
Dusty July 2012
Dusty Calico 2010
Dusty Bull Dusty in Yuma
Dusty Dusty Dusty
Dusty Bull Dusty
Dusty Bull Dusty Bull
Dusty Bull Dusty Bull
Dusty Bull Dusty Bull and his trusty steed
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