Guns and Garters
"Little Dusty"


I may be short, but that don't mean I ain't the meanest, orneriest kid you ever dun see!

You might think my name is Little Dusty cuz my pa's name is Dusty.  My name is Little Dusty cuz, if you ever been around me, you'd know I'm always playin' in the dirt and that makes me always a little dusty.
Little Dusty's real name is Omari Eastin.  He loves school and gets smarter every single day.


There's more pitchurs of me and my folks here.
Prescott 2014 Prescott 2014
Prescott 2014 Prescott 2014
Little Dusty 2012 Little Dusty 2012
Little Dusty: Calico Oct 2011
Calico 2011 Little Dusty
Little Dusty 0910 Temecula 2011
Calico 2010 Little Dusty 11/10
Little Dusty Little Dusty



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