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I was the only daughter of a miner named Dinky and his wife, Pinky.  I was told that, when my dad first saw me, he said, "What's that?"  My Pa weren't the sharpest pencil in the box.

It was a rough and dirty life living in a mining town.  I always thought I had black hair.  I snuck out of school one day and sat in the horse trough in front of the sheriff's office.  It sure scared me!  I thought a yeller spider spun a web on my head before I realized it was my hair.  I wuz a blonde!

So, instead of goin' to school I sat in the horse trough every day.  I dun spooked an awful lot of horses.  Guess they don't like to see people in their drinkin' water.

One day a new sheriff arrived in town.  He sure was good lookin'.  He saw me sittin' there and he told me I was pretty good lookin' myself, in spite of remindin' him of a prune.

So, my Little Snookums and I got hitched and moved to California.  (You should probably call him Dusty Bull to his face since he'd probably use you to brush his teeth if you dun called him Little Snookums.)  I ended up helpin' sick folks, helpin' deliver babies, and the like until I had my own kids and then that kept me at home.  That's about all there is to tell.

Milissa Eastin spends the majority of her time taking care of Omari, her adopted son, with her husband Jay.


There's more pitchurs of me and my beau, Dusty Bull, here.
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